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A Cinderella-Type Story for Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt as UFC Champ Would Be One of MMA's Most Improbable Stories
By: Nathan McCarter, Bleacher Report

"When you start to think about MMA's most improbable stories, you may immediately think about Matt Hamill and his early success, or perhaps Nick Newell's comeuppance in recent years. 
"When you think about tournaments and championships, perhaps Mark Coleman's run in the Pride Grand Prix 2000, or Randy Couture's return to the heavyweight division in 2007, will come to mind. Or maybe you throw out Matt Serra's stunning upset of Georges St-Pierre for the welterweight belt. 
"Those would be matched, if not exceeded, in improbability if Mark Hunt walks out of UFC 180 as the UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion on Saturday, Nov. 15, in Mexico City, Mexico. It truly would be one of the most remarkable stories in this sport's young history."
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