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The Chronicles of Conor: Part Two

The Conor McGregor Chronicles, Part Two: Risky Business
By: E. Spencer Kyle, The Province

"If you spent last weekend watching either (or both) of the NFL Playoff games on FOX, you heard numerous plugs and promotional spots for this weekend’s UFC Fight Night event in Boston, headlined by Conor McGregor and some other dude. His name is Siver or Silver or something like that. It doesn’t matter; he’s cannon fodder.
"The stylish Irishman with the skill to match his swagger is the one the UFC wants you to familiarize yourself with because if everything goes as expected on Sunday night, he’ll be lining up opposite featherweight champion Jose Aldo later this year on pay-per-view, probably on a fight card in a soccer stadium in his hometown of Dublin.
"You could make an argument that he’s already 'The Face of the UFC.' In less than two years, he’s gone from unknown newcomer to one of the most visible fighters on the roster; someone the company makes an effort to showcase whenever it can.
"Q&A in Brasil before the featherweight title fight? Check."
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