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Casey Swiderski’s Failed Escape

Casey Swiderski Of Iowa State Wrestling Recalls A Failed Attempt To Sneak Out Of The House In High School With StaleMates Podcast Ahead Of Iowa State vs Cleveland State Streaming Live On UFC FIGHT PASS!

In a recent StaleMates YouTube video, Iowa State’s Casey Swiderski tells a time he learned a valuable lesson about the difference between escapes on the mat and late-night escapes from the house.

When Zach Bogle of StaleMates Podcast approached the ISU fan favorite, Swiderski carried himself into the conversation with his signature, “let’s get to business” manner until being reminded of a time his dad wasn’t in the “post-boxing match dad coma” Swiderski thought he was.

Laughter broke up his even-keeled demeanor and he began to lay out the only time he found himself in the doghouse growing up.

“I had a diesel and I had a bed stack in it, louder than s***,” Swiderski explained. “I parked halfway up the driveway, we’ve got this long driveway way out in the sticks, and I was going to hang out with my buddies that night and I’ll never forget this; my dad was watching the Tyson Fury fight with Wilder and it ended up, like, midnight and I was like, ‘he’s got to be in bed.’ So there I go. I get a call from my dad, we’re going to go duck hunting in the morning, me and my buddies are down the road, and I missed the call. I hit the road and I’m like, ‘oh shoot. Well, whatever.’ I tried to call him back and he didn’t answer. I see two LED lights coming out of the driveway screaming at me. I’m like, ‘Ah! Here we go.’ So he comes in front of me, brake checks me, I lock them up, hit a 180 in the road and there he was. Freakin’ running at me in his underwear in the street.”

Swiderski would go on to call the ordeal “an experience” before explaining to the rationale behind attempting an escape in a vehicle self-described as “louder than s***.”

“Well I’ve done it a couple times before,” Swiderski explained. “I thought the old man was sleeping so I thought it was good to go.”

It's unclear whether Swiderski would attempt escapes after the failed attempt post-Fury vs Wilder, but with a close relationship with family still to this day, the night never went much further than the loss of the truck keys and possibly an awkward rest of the Fury vs Wilder trilogy.

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