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Carwin and Army Team Up for Charity

Carwin Army joins Forces with the Canadian Army to raise money for MS research

On August 18 and 19, Shane Carwin will conduct an interactive hand-to-hand combat seminar with Strathcona soldiers. The course will include mental preparation of combat, self defence techniques, nutrition for healthy living, special signature moves from Carwin, a Q&A, and pictures and autographs with the troops. This event is designed to raise the morale of these combat-tested soldiers and improve the mental and physical toughness they need on the battlefield.

Then on August 20, Carwin will host “Enter the battlefield” training camp, which is open to the public and athletes of all levels. This full-day event includes
•    Top trainers
•    Beverages and food
•    Autograph cards
•    Prizes and gifts
•    Full day training camp 9am to 4pm
•    6pm to 9pm MS society dinner presentation
•    Private V.I.P atmosphere
•    Fan appreciation event
Tickets are $149.99 at with proceeds going to benefit the MS Society - more info at 780-819-9050.


KP headquarters for the MS society
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
2nd floor 11845 Wayne Gretzky Drive Southbound Edmonton, AB T5B 4R4

The public is also welcome to attend the dinner-only portion of the event -
Tickets $24.99 per plate
From: 6pm to 9pm
11845 Wayne Gretzky DR Southbound Northwest
Edmonton, AB, Canada
(780) 761-3569

Founded in 1900 for the Boer War, the Strathcona's continues its mission to  provide tank and armoured reconnaissance forces for Canadian Army operations at home and abroad.  As the motto of this historic regiment is 'Perseverance', it is highly fitting that Shane Carwin - himself a tested warrior - has been chosen to lead this seminar.

Carwin Army is the perfect choice to lead up the Kamikaze Punishment's tour in support of Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians), Canada's only tank regiment.
Kamikaze Punishment is honoured to work with the Strathcona's at this event.  Kamikaze holds the military in high regard and respects what the Army has done for Canada's history and heritage. Making history is how Kamikaze Punishment is recognized by the rest of the world and this event is no different.

The Carwin Army tour will be first UFC fighter seminar held on a military base in Canada presented by Kamikaze Punishment.