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UFC Fight Pass

Cage Warriors And Cage Fury Headline FIGHT PASS Stacked Weekend

From RJJ Boxing To Cage Warriors To Cage Fury, UFC FIGHT PASS Is The Place To Be For Fight Fans This Weekend.

With a stacked weekend of fights on UFC FIGHT PASS, it isn’t an off-weekend for diehard MMA fans at all.

Cage Warriors 144

Just over 12 hours after Roy Jones Jr. Boxing: Garcia vs Sauceda, Cage Warriors is back with one of the biggest cards in the history of the promotion.

Not since Paddy Pimblett’s final bout at Cage Warriors 123 has the promotion delivered the co-main/main event punch like Cage Warriors 144 has in the chamber.

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Cage Warriors mainstay Madars Fleminas will be looking to put a three-fight win streak together in his bout against 13-4 veteran Carlo Pedersoli before French fans all raise their pirate flags in support of “The Last Pirate” and the biggest name in French MMA, Morgan Charriere.

At 15-9-1, Charriere has a lot to prove if he wants to climb back to his CW championship reign. The UFC FIGHT PASS Fight of the Year winner has never had any difficulty digging deep to show the world what he’s made of, so if 5-3 Alberth Dias is game, we’re in for another instant classic.

Charriere has lost two straight, but it’s taken title holders or title challengers to edge him out both times. Does Dias have what it takes to go blow-for-blow with the gritty fan favorite?

UFC FIGHT PASS logo 2022

The show doesn’t stop there. Bantamweight knockout artist Dominique Wooding is ready to make fools out of anybody suggesting the main event is a good place to call it quits for the night.

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“[Fans] would be stupid to shut off after [Charriere’s] fight, as I always bring the heat and put on spectacular performances and leave spectators at the edge of their seat always,” Wooding said. “I’m must-watch TV and that cannot be denied.”

With three flatline knockout victories in 2021, it’s no secret why Wooding is one of the most hyped prospects in the game. Can he continue his three-fight knockout streak, or will 7-1 Michele Martignoni shock the world?

James Krause's FAC

James Krause’s FAC has brought back friends both new and old, as Zach Scroggin fights to win his third professional fight and main event opponent Keyth Dawson fights to keep from losing his third. UFC veteran Dakota Bush looks to make his way back into the UFC and a strong performance over Ivey Nixon could be the first step in the journey.

Ventaor FC 12

Welterweight gold is up for grabs in the Venator FC 12 main event, where main event fighters Kevin Hangs and Stefano Paterno have combined for 12 KO finishes.

Cage Fury FC 113

Heavyweight prospects bear down for a brawl in the main event of CFFC 113 with gold on the line. Veteran Kevin Sears looks to stop 4-0 Greg Velasco and put himself on the map.

CFFC slugger Santo Curatolo finds his back against the wall coming off of two straight losses, so viewers can expect the finish machine to dig even deeper and swing even harder in the main card of the east coast’s strongest promotion.

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