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Breaking a Champ's Armor

By: Jack Slack, FIGHTLAND

"A fighter's legacy is forged not from his successes but from the times he teeters on the cusp of failure, or rebounds emphatically from it. A fighter is defined, more than anything, by his rivals.
"Certainly, Muhammad Ali was the best heavyweight boxer in the world for a number of years, but we don't remember him for effortlessly blasting Zora Foley, Cleveland Williams, and Floyd Patterson. We recall him with fond admiration for his struggle against the relentless Joe Frazier, and for enduring the petrifying George Foreman.
"After three years of mopping up the old men of the UFC and PRIDE Light Heavyweight divisions, it seems that Jon Jones finally hit a vein of new blood in his challengers. Among them, Jones might have found a perfect foil in the Olympian, Daniel Cormier."
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