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Brazilian Soccer's UFC Dream Team

This is our ideal UFC Brazilian fighters that would make the best and unbeatable soccer team.

Machida en acción en UFC 175
Which UFC fighters from Brazil would make an unbeatable soccer team? Here are our picks:

Bigfoot Silva - 1
He may not be the fastest, but with those hands, certainly the biggest in the UFC, he would undoubtedly be a great goalkeeper, covering every single corner.

Vitor Belfort - 2
The Phenom could well be one of the best fullbacks. We know Brazilians are known for their offense, but Vitor has one of the best defenses in the UFC, and he certainly has the cardio and the speed to run around the court and launch an attack at any time.

Shogun Rua - 3

Shogun Rua is always willing to take on anyone, without fear. Quiet and serene, that would be Shogun on the pitch, with the qualities to play any position. But we placed him where he can contribute to the defense, attack and recovery - a complete fighter.

Junior Dos Santos - 4
Despite his offensive attack, Junior could be a great defender. Aggressive, powerful, resourceful, and unafraid to be straightforward when needed. He’s a leader also, so the conclusion? He’s an impenetrable wall.

Fabricio Werdum - 5
"Vai Cavalo" is a mysterious player. You do not know where he’ll come from, or how he’ll react. He can hurt you in different areas of the field and he can help in coverage and also be firm and strong when needed.

Wanderlei Silva - 6
Every football team needs someone of character, who knows when extra strength is needed; fearless, tireless, experienced and imposing.

Jacare Souza - 7

Also experienced, skilled, and able to win in a thousand ways, with a unique potential for submissions. An elite fighter, he can stop the ball; analyze the scene and find the correct time to go for a submission ... sorry, shoot the ball into the opposing team’s zone.

Lyoto Machida - 8
That position behind the 10 will suit "The Dragon", who has the wisdom to know the best moments to be defensive and offensive, with outstanding technique and unparalleled intelligence that makes him a true strategist on the field. (Watch some of Machida's skills with the ball).

Renan Barao - 9
Who better to accompany Aldo on the front line than his training partner and friend? All the qualities of Aldo Jr., Renan has them equally, and he has finished more rivals in his last fights, therefore he has the strength necessary for any striker.

Anderson Silva - 10
No doubt the architect, with the brain and the privileged touch… the team leader would be "The Spider" Silva. He’s the player who makes the difference on the pitch, in history, and who plays the full 90 minutes as required. Is he the Pele of MMA?

Jose Aldo Jr. - 11
Owner of the best kicks inside the Octagon, the featherweight champion is quick, elusive, unpredictable, powerful and forceful. He was born a striker!

DT Royce Gracie

Who would be on the bench? Who will be the first replacement? Who should be a starter and is not on this list? Minotauro? Let us know your thoughts below.

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