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Benson Henderson, Comics Fan, Superhero

UFC Fanboy Fighter Goes for the Title
by George A. Tramountanas, Comic Book Resources Staff Writer

"It’s not unusual for comic book fans to wonder what life would be like as a crime-fighting vigilante. Would you be strong enough, brave enough and tough enough? Even having seen the movie "Kick Ass," most fans are content to read about or watch superheroic exploits rather than living them.

"However, there is a comic book fan out there who possesses the strength and ability worthy of a superhero -- one that might even give Iron Fist a run for his money. Ultimate Fighting Championship Lightweight Championship contender Benson "Smooth" Henderson is both a fighter and a comic lover. As one of UFC's fastest-rising stars, Henderson is 15-2 for his career and 3-0 since entering the UFC in 2011 -- and he's preparing for one epic fight."

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