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Belal Muhammad Vouches For Bravo-Young’s Speed & Vibes | UFC FIGHT PASS

From Muhammad’s Experience, He Suggests Grapplers Across The World Be Thankful Roman Bravo-Young Chose Wrestling Instead Of Submission Grappling As A Child

Wrestler to wrestler, Belal Muhammad is ready to see what Roman Bravo-Young brings to the grappling world.

Muhammad may have never wrestled his way to a D-1 National Championship, but after pounding on the door of a welterweight title shot in large part thanks to his ground game, he’s earned the right to speak his mind about the wrestling community. Breaking news to most, his reviews on Roman Bravo-Young are stars on top of stars on top of stars.

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In addition to watching him closely over the past five years as the Big Ten’s slickest 133-pounder in recent memory, Muhammad got the chance to share the mat with Bravo-Young and explains he’s got speed you’ve got to see to believe.

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“I’ve trained with him before,” Muhammad said. “I got to feel his speed and his technique. It was a very fun time and he’s such a cool person. He brings great energy to the room.”

He’s one of the most soft-spoken wrestlers on the mat while also having the most reason to speak. Bravo-Young is a generational talent that could instantly walk into almost any combat sport and find success on will and drive alone.

Watch The UFC FIGHT PASS Invitational 4 Live June 29

His “toss up” situations alone are enough for Muhammad to recommend that his peers give RBY’s FIGHT PASS Invitational 4 match a watch.

“I’m excited because RBY is one of the best wrestlers in the world and he has a great style for grappling,” Muhammad said. “I want to see how his scrambles translate over.”

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Surprised by anybody who wouldn’t be excited for the crossover of one of wrestling’s biggest stars of all time, Muhammad considers what the combat sports world would look like if Bravo-Young chose submission grappling over wrestling from day one. Knowing his personality, he’d likely end up in MMA anyway, but what a ride it would be for the sport if he had chosen the gi over the singlet years ago.

“He would definitely be a world champion,” Muhammad said. “I think wrestling is the hardest sport to be dominant at and he was very successful there, so I know he would be amazing at BJJ, as well.”

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