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Angela Hill poses in the new VENUM UFC Fight Week 2.0 collection inside the SUMMIT at One Vanderbuilt in New York, New York on February 28, 2022. (Photo by McKenzie Pavacich/Zuffa LLC)

Behind The Scenes Of The VENUM Launch

Just over a year after VENUM became the exclusive outfitting and apparel partner of UFC, the France-born company launched its UFC Fight Week 2.0 collection, with athletes Marvin Vettori, Angela Hill, and Calvin Kattar showing off the new gear at one of New York City’s largest buildings, the SUMMIT observation deck at ONE Vanderbuilt.

“When I saw where we were shooting it made me feel like I was on top of the world,” strawweight veteran Angela Hill said, adding that the experience gave her a feeling of her career coming full circle.

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“All corniness aside, stepping out on the glass platform looking out over the city that I started my amateur fight career in was both invigorating and terrifying. It reminded me of the courage it took to step into the ring for the first time and to return to New York as a professional fighter representing the gear we fight in in the UFC definitely gave me that feeling that I've come a long way.”

VENUM: Built By Effort, Built By Passion
VENUM: Built By Effort, Built By Passion

After spending a day 93 stories in the air overlooking Manhattan, the athletes got a feel for the comfort and durability of the new line of fight week apparel.

“The best part about the VENUM gear is that you forget you're wearing it,” Hill said. “There's nothing worse than getting in a fight — or preparing for one — and being distracted by a potential wardrobe malfunction or your clothes being too restrictive. VENUM gear does a great job of being the last thing I'm thinking about when it's go time.”

For featherweight contender Calvin Kattar, the comfort and durability of his gear creates the biggest appeal.

“You’re in a really uncomfortable environment when you’re training, and it really can take a toll on your gear,” he said. “The surfaces are uncomfortable, what you’re doing is uncomfortable… none of it’s comfortable. So it’s really important to be wearing stuff that makes it easier to endure those uncomfortable positions.”

Enduring the uncomfortable situations is something VENUM is familiar with, authentically serving the combat sports community around the world since 2006.

“Venum has been around for so long, they know exactly what fighters need to train and compete,” former middleweight title challenger Marvin Vettori said.

“They’re honestly really good clothes just to hang out in. They’re not just training clothes — some of the gear that they have is for outside of competing. It’s a really nice balance to have clothes I can wear outside of the gym, but at the same time be comfortable and good for training.”

Built by effort, built by passion — shop the new collection now at!