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Anthony Romero Hopes To Make A Splash | Fury FC

Fury FC's Anthony Romero Looks To Make A Splash When He Returns To The Cage At Fury FC 50 On UFC Fight Pass.

Despite fighting to a decision victory during the fourth season of Dana White’s Contender Series, Anthony Romero wasn’t able to garner a UFC contract. But with a smile on his face, Romero carries himself back to the cage to continue his quest to earn his ticket to the big show.

Romero found himself alone in the winner’s circle following the DWCS week four card last year. After showing the four other winners celebrate one of the monumental moments in the life of a fighter, cameras panned to a dejected Romero.

“No hard feelings or anything like that,” Romero prefaced. “He (White) decided that it wasn’t enough to get a contract that night. I believe he said it was because I didn’t really finish the fight and that was pretty much it or he was also saying that I didn’t fight well against southpaws.”

Despite giving his team, his family and the audience at home watching a depressing end to the episode, Romero is nothing but positivity post-DWCS.

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“It makes the show interesting instead of just being like, ‘Ok everyone gets a contract!’” Romero explained. “The next episode starts and it’s the same thing and it sort of gets a little boring. Unfortunately I had to suffer with that and how it played out but like I said I can’t be upset with my future boss.”

Romero listened to the criticisms closely and got back in the cage. Romero’s first fight following DWCS was against an LFA southpaw and while he wasn’t able to secure the finish, he had an even stronger showing.

At 9-0 Romero is back on UFC FIGHT PASS again and ready for an even more improved version of himself.

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Where some fighters may have heard what Dana said and tried reinventing the wheel, Romero is still the same weapon, just a lot sharper.

“I don’t think I would really dismantle my whole game. I always fight smart, hence the name, ‘The Genius.’” Romero laughed. “I always fight smart and take the right approach to any fight. It’s just fixing some things. Maybe it’s hard because everyone wants to finish the fight. No one wants to get in there do 15 minutes every freaking time. You get paid the same either way.”

Can Romero make the splash Dana White was looking for one year ago? There’s only one way to find out.

Catch Romero’s return to the cage at Fury FC 50 Sunday, September 5 at 2:30 pm PT, ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS!