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Anistávio Gasparzinho, the joker of TUF Brazil

Chris Leben, Junie Browning, Josh Koscheck, Bobby
Southworth, Gabe Ruediger, Joe Scarola, Jeremy May, Jesse Taylor, Matt Mitrione,
and Jamie Yager... Phew! If you've been watching The Ultimate Fighter since
2005, you will remember each of those names and their deeds - in many different
ways – in previous seasons of the reality show.
The Brazilian version of TUF has a character that stands out too, with Gasparzinho
being stigmatized for the jokes that sometime go too far according his colleagues
in the house.

The comic figure, one of the guys who worked hard to
get inside the house of TUF, defends himself and tells a little bit about the
problems and the atmosphere in the house.
Anistavio Medeiros de Figueiredo, Does this name tell you something?

Also known as Gasparzinho, the fighter,
representing Team Vitor on TUF Brazil, is giving people a lot to talk about in
the reality show. In the first episodes of the show that airs every Sunday on
Globo TV, the fighter was marked by his pranks and jokes. But does Gasparzinho
go too far?
"I'm thinking, 'Am I really that boring?!' Actually, I think I make jokes
like everyone in the house, but maybe I overdo it in front of the camera. This
is being edited like this, but honestly, I don't think someone makes more jokes
than others. Everyone inside the house has their share of pranks," he
says, defending himself.
In the early episodes of the program, the fighter, who dreams of earning a spot
in the UFC, got a lot of criticism from some athletes, including Rodrigo Damm
from his own team, and Rony Jason, a former training partner from Team
"Look, the situation inside the house is not easy and certain things are blown
out of proportion. A lot of men together, away from their family, having to
lose weight, without knowing who could be the next opponent, confined ... There
are many situations that sometimes leave the atmosphere more tense. With
Rodrigo Damm, for example, we are okay and we always chat, but he is more
serious than others.
Gasparzinho and Jason have trained together. In the fourth episode, both had a
misunderstanding. With his sleep being disturbed after one of Anistávio's pranks,
Jason, who says he suffers from insomnia, declared war to Team Belfort.
"I won't lie, I was a little hurt with Ron. He was complaining to Vitor
about me, then declared war to our team. 
I think he inflamed the situation somehow, and went to hit the punching bag
in the middle of the night. Under normal circumstances he wouldn't do
that.  But I really like him, we trained
together before and we are friends. We won't hold grudges outside the house; I
like him.
Indeed, despite a lot of pressure, Gasparzinho ensures that in the end, you can
make good friends inside TUF house.
"Look, I get along well with Sergio Moraes from my team, and also with
John Macapa and Leonardo Macarrao from the other team.  Serginho, for example, he makes jokes just
like I do. He
is a very nice guy."