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All Or Nothing For Brandon Shavers

After A Red-Hot Start, Brandon Shavers' Career May Be On The Line This Weekend At AKA 16. Watch On UFC Fight Pass

After a red-hot start, Brandon Shavers’ 4-3 career may be on the line at AKA 16.

Shavers spent just over two years on the amateur circuit. After going 6-2, it was time to get paid.

Shavers would immediately go 2-0, needing only two months and two rounds to notch a pair of finishes. The following year he would pick up right where he left off. Two wins in two months, including a decision victory at LFA 4.

The high didn’t have to stop, but unfortunately it did. Shavers was submitted at LFA 23 and had officially been handed his first professional loss.

“It got to the point where I felt like I was ready for the big show,” Shavers said. “I guess that’s what happens when you take on some of those higher-level guys. It’ll kind of humble you and set you back for a little while.”

The downhill slide continued for Shavers. After dropping three straight fights, he stood at 4-3, nearly erasing the dominant start to his career. The feeling of losing didn’t take the pressure off of “The Shredder”; it halted his momentum and motivation.

“I feel like I self-destructed,” Shavers said. “I loved that feeling of being undefeated. I just felt like it was motivating me a lot more. After that first loss it kind of put a sour taste in my mouth.”

Life got in the way, Shavers changed gyms, and after two and a half years away from the sport, he’s back. Don’t get used to seeing the Houston transplant, though. Shavers makes it very clear that the gloves may be left behind for good at AKA 16.

“This is definitely a make or break for me,” Shavers said. “I just feel like if I lose this fight it’s pretty much done. I’ll just walk away from the sport and find something else. I can’t just look at that and be like, ‘I’m 4-4, why should I keep trying?’ It’s going to set me back even further. I’m at the point now where I’m just ready to take on a normal life and find a wife, sit down and have kids or something like that.”

As if the rising welterweight across the cage from him wasn’t enough, Shavers will be going into possibly his final MMA bout fighting both Donovan Beard and ring rust, both of which he’s accepted the threat of.

“I haven’t fought in two and a half years; ring rust is going to be a factor, for sure,” Shavers said. “To get that out of the way I have to go out there and start out fast.”

Shavers makes it very clear that wherever the fight goes he’s ready, but is one foot already out the door or will the Louisiana native be able to turn it around? Only time will tell.

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