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Alexa Grasso: Modern Warrior

"If you remember that change is in our hands to improve our societies, we are the creators of better lives."

There’s nothing like waking up without the alarm, quietly preparing your breakfast, looking out the window and remembering that you are not in your city. But like almost every Sunday, you have to wash a lot of sportswear, do the shopping for your diet, clean the house and all the other normal activities.

I am a tourist in the most important city of my country for two weeks: Mexico City. This city is 7382 feet above sea leave and is known for the oxygen requirement that athletes require when competing or training here.

I have fought on CDMX 4 times. The first was when I participated in a Grand Prix. We were four girls and the fights were agreed to on the same day of the weigh-ins by a raffle.  We had one night to put together fight plans with what we had trained in camp.

For the first fight everything went by in quick motion. I woke up and the bell rang. There I was for the first time in a cage (my previous fights were in a boxing ring).

I remember the second Grand Prix fight well. That peculiar taste that you feel when you breathe when your nose bleeds is a UNIQUE experience and it was also the first time it happened to me. I turned quickly to my corner and only the eyes of my 3 coaches were clearly visible between the mesh frames.

Going out with victory after 3 intense rounds is wonderful. I put myself to the test for the first time letting the adrenaline do its job and I only had in my head: DO NOT STOP, GUNS.

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In the end I cried, and I don't know why. Maybe because of the pain of ALL my face, maybe because I was living something completely new, maybe because I'm a woman.

I saw myself in the mirror the next day and there was no cream, makeup, huge glasses or a cap that made me look normal.

-Are you willing?

This sport deserves a lot of respect.

I saw the MMA belt that I had won, how responsible I became, the discipline I acquired, the combinations that I connected, that security I had when I tried to try it and that desire to want to do it again but much better ...

-Of course! The bruises are gone, but not how strong you became.

A high impact sport like this is what changed my life. And I know that although it is a relatively new sport, all women should practice it. It feels like the closest thing to what it would be like to fight for your life, so that you can react correctly in dangerous situations.

Throughout history, women have been vulnerable to many types of injustice.

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And I also don't want to sound like a revolutionary, but if you remember that change is in our hands to improve our societies, than we are the creators of better lives.

We must read and inform ourselves a lot. Because nothing is more valuable today than being well-informed. I challenge you to change every 10 minutes you use on social networks every day to read about each organ of your body and thus of varied topics every day. You will be surprised at everything that happens in your body and in the world with every breath.

Eating healthy is essential, exercise clears the mind and all these decisions are recorded in our genetic code. Let's take the best of our lives and leave quality seeds planted in the new generations.

STRONG modern warriors physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Happy International Women's Day!