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Adam Hunter's "Throwing Punches" Made An Impression On Mike Perry

Comedian Adam Hunter 's Special "Throwing Punches" Earned Him Respect From UFC Welterweight Mike Perry.

Adam Hunter, the man who got himself blocked on social media by legendary everyman Forrest Griffin, amped his game up a little further at the UFC APEX and walked out with a new fan, Mike Perry.

Comedian Adam Hunter is no stranger to ruffling some feathers. When your podcast is called MMA Roasted, it kind of comes with the territory. For every surprising discovery that one of the UFC’s nicest guys has blocked you, there’s always a fighter who surprisingly enough loves being the butt of the joke. For every Forrest Griffin, there’s a Mike Perry. You read that right.

“Forrest Griffin got mad at me for a joke I made when he ran out of the Octagon against Tito Ortiz,” Hunter laughed. “He actually blocked me on MMA Roasted but still follows me on Adam Comedian. We’re actually good friends but he won’t unblock me.”

Anybody who knows anything about the history of the UFC knows that nobody is a better sport about shrugging off jokes than Forrest Griffin. So it’s moments like finding yourself blocked by a fighter like Griffin that you’d have to imagine have you on edge when a fighter comes to your show if you’re Adam Hunter. And when the fighter who sits front and center is “Platinum” Mike Perry, there’s probably even more reason to think twice.

Did that stop the MMA Roasted host from digging his heels in and doing his thing in the shooting of his comedy special, “Throwing Punches”, at the UFC APEX just days ahead of UFC 255? Ask Mike Perry.

“The day of the show they said Dana White’s having a little thing tonight and it was like a comedy show or something,” Perry recalls. “I didn’t know what to expect. I should have thought though, ‘We’re about to get roasted.’”

Comedian Adam Hunter Talks UFC And Getting Laughs
Comedian Adam Hunter Talks UFC And Getting Laughs

After finding himself front and center in the crowd with his fiancé and training partner to his right, reality set in, and depending on the mood Hunter was in, Perry was in for a long night.

Despite being a professional in the art of comedic jabs, Hunter broke up his normal set a couple times to simply test the waters with Perry.

“I’m friends with Alex Nicholson, Alex has been to shows before and he was there with Mike Perry, so when I saw that Mike was laughing I was like, ‘OK, we’re good,’” Hunter explained. “With Mike Perry in the front row you never really know what’s coming.”

Perry in the front row would have been any comedian’s best friend. It was too good to be true.

There was something extra enjoyable about the night when Hunter repeatedly found his way back to Perry and heard Perry laugh it all off. You’d have to pay close attention to know when it was Perry though, because the fact of the matter is that it seemed that was when everybody seemed to laugh the hardest.

“A lot of the Mike Perry jokes people really seemed to like and he handled it really well,” Hunter explained. “I was really happy about that. He was such a good sport, as well as his pregnant girlfriend. She was a good sport, as well.”

“The 16 and Pregnant jokes were pretty funny,” Perry added.

While Perry was a fan of the whole show, he had trouble nailing down his favorite part.

“He was firing them off so fast,” Perry explained. “It was joke after joke after joke - there was no time to let the punchline settle.”

Does Perry’s criticism mean he may have an interest in standup comedy one day? Don’t rule it out. He certainly isn’t.

“One day I’m going to need some money and I’ll need to do something when I can’t fight,” Perry laughed. “Maybe one day I’ll be a standup comedian because I’ll be too much of a bum, I don’t know.”

With the way the night went, it isn’t too much of a reach to think we could one day see Hunter and Perry join forces. For better or for worse, Perry knows it would be a must-watch performance.

“I need to practice preparing,” Perry said. “Oh man, I’d probably suck though. That would be funny alone, just me getting up there and bombing.”

In the name of comedy, we all need to hold Perry accountable for this standup promise.

Until the day we see Perry and Hunter connect again, check out their chemistry on Adam Hunter’s special, “Throwing Punches” ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS.