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UFC Fight Pass

UFC FIGHT PASS Award Nominees

It’s Award Season And UFC FIGHT PASS Has Officially Nailed Down The Nominees. Which Fighter, Promoter And More Gave Us The Best Of The Best In 2022?!

The official nominees are listed and the votes are being cast. Who is one step away from their 2022 UFC FIGHT PASS award?

Podcast of the Year

Extra Rounds

Anik & Florian

Fitz Nation

The Gambler’s Perspective

Interview of the Year

Joshua Van – Fury FC 67

Joel Bauman – Fury FC 61

Joe Penafiel – iKon FC 6

Joel Bauman – Fury FC 68

Walkout of the Year

Joel Pena – UWC 32

Awa Sow – CW 144

El Hadji Ndiaye – CW 145

Jordan Vucenic – CW 145

Nickname of the Year

Oscar “Moisty” Herrera – Fury FC

James “Jimbo Slice” Sheehan – Cage Warriors

Trevor “Blackie Chan” Ollison – Cage Fury

Charles “Mr. Cheeks” Cheeks – Fury FC

Upset of the Year

Adam Fugitt over Solomon Renfro – LFA 125

Jose Perez over Paul Capaldo – CFFC 105

Wascar Cruz over Karlee Pangilinan – LFA 127

Darren Smith Jr. over Jacob Rosales – LFA 137

Folly of the Year

Chiesa’s microphone not working – LFA 128

Fighter accidentally pulls down his underwear in walkout – CW 144

Alex Nicholson vs Oscar Sosa – Titan FC 75

Fighter’s foot stuck in cage – UWC 36

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Submission of the Year

Adrian Luna Martinetti – Gogoplata – UWC 31

Will Spann – Omoplata – CFFC 108

Makoto Takahashi – Ninja choke - CFFC 114

Antonio Gordillo - Toe hold – UWC 38

Knockout of the Year

Anthony Romero – Fury FC 60

Aerdake Akpaer – JCK MMA 8

Khaled Ticha Awa – UAE Warriors 27: Africa

Manny Akpan – Cage Warriors 136

Female Fighter of the Year

Talita Alencar

Bella Mir

Lydia Warren

Fione Davies

Male Fighter of the Year

Bo Nickal

Jose Perez

Solomon Renfro

Callum Walsh

Fight of the Year

Jose Delano vs Jonas Bilharino – LFA 126

Aislinn O’Connell vs Fatima Kline – Medusa 2

Dimps Gillies vs Josh Kuhne – Eternal 65

Charles Johnson vs Carlos Mota – LFA 122

Jose Perez vs Paul Capaldo – CFFC 105

Event of the Year

LFA 127

LFA 135

Cage Warriors 145

Battle At Bragg

Who will get the call from TJ De Santis on New Year’s Eve and take home the (nonexistent) hardware? Find out by tuning in to Extra Rounds December 31, 2022!