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15 Best Fights to Look Forward To

UFC Utopia: Ranking the 15 Best Fights Between UFC 181 and UFC 184
By: Ariel Helwani, Bleacher Report

"The UFC is set for a historic run of top-notch fight cards. Ten events will take us through the end of 2014 and to the beginning of 2015.
"What are the best fights you'll have to watch? That's what we are here to tell you.
"The UFC has been criticized as of late for poor events, but that won't be the case over the next three months. It has loaded the next 90 days with a fantastic slate of fights for us all.
"Exciting stylistic matchups, title tilts and much more help round out the action. This isn't a scientific list, and you may have your own favorite upcoming fights. Title bouts and interesting storylines helped to elevate some matchups up the list.
"This ranking features fights in seven different weight classes.
"These are the top 15 fights you'll see starting Saturday through February's UFC 184 pay-per-view."
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