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100 Fights to Watch at Home this Weekend

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Missing live sports? Don't worry...we’ve got you covered. Here are 100 fights from UFC Fight Pass to keep you entertained during these crazy times. 

Dig in, fight fans!

100. Antonio Suarez vs Jose Luis Medrano – LUX 006: Fan favorite, Jose Luis Medrano had two jobs when he walked into the LUX 006 cage in August 2019, put on a show, and defeat Antonio Suarez. While he didn’t take home the W, he more than put on a show. All three rounds seemed to have a full fight worth of action packed into each five minutes. Definitely an all time classic.

99. Simon Marcus vs Jason Wilnis – GLORY 56: Jason Wilnis set out to stop Simon Marcus and prove their rivalry was a neck in neck battle for kickboxing supremacy. With a 1-2 record against Marcus, Wilnis had to leave it all in the ring that day to even himself up. Unfortunately, after one of the hardest fought battles in GLORY history, he fell to a split decision.

98. Sebastian Ciobanu vs Mighty Mo – K-1 World Grand Prix 2010 in Bucharest: After taking some heavy lead leg punishment, Mighty Mo hadn’t had enough until a rogue shot caught his throat causing him to wave the white flag.

97. Andy Hug vs Peter Kramer – K-1: World Grand Prix 1995 Final: Oh, you thought Andy Hug was just good for axe kicks, eh? Peter Kramer must have thought that too until Hug (barely) landed a blow to the side of the head that left him on the ground twitching.

96. Remy Bonjasky vs Ray Mercer – K-1 World Grand Prix 2005 in Seoul: Pretty fun one here. Ray Mercer, the same man who knocked out Tommy Morrison and went the distance with Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield is the same man who took one kick to the head and called it a night back in 2005. … Oh yeah and he also knocked out Tim Sylvia at one point.

UFC Fight Pass: Jose Aldo vs. Urijah Faber WEC 48
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Unlock MORE of your inner combat sports fan with UFC Fight Pass! Fighting is what we live for. And no one brings you MORE live fights, new shows, and events across multiple combat sports from around the world. With a never-ending supply of fighting in every discipline, there’s always something new to watch. Leave it to the world’s authority in MMA to bring you the Ultimate 24/7 platform for MORE combat sports, UFC Fight Pass!

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UFC Fight Pass: Jose Aldo vs. Urijah Faber WEC 48

95. Jose Aldo vs Urijah Faber – WEC 48: Ok, so it’s not exactly digging into the barrel but if somehow you haven’t seen Jose Aldo vs Urijah Faber, now is the time. There’s a reason Urijah Faber is one of the most respected fighters in MMA history. This one-sided fight is one of the greatest displays of toughness and warrior’s spirit you will ever find.

94. Bruno Oliveira vs Jared Gooden – Titan FC 55: Jared Gooden found out the hard way that obnoxious yelling, dancing and air humping doesn’t always sit well with opponents. Don’t blink because you’ll likely miss the most painful 53 seconds of Gooden’s career.

93. Kaitlin Young vs Leslie Smith – Invicta FC 1: Amanda Nunes, Michelle Waterson, Cris Cyborg, Paige VanZant and more have come through Invicta FC on their way to The Show but the fight that put them on the map was when Kaitlin Young and Leslie Smith refused to be bested earning the first Fight of the Night bonus in the promotion’s history.

92. Gokhan Saki vs Nathan Corbett – GLORY 15: More than half-a-decade before Tyson Fury made Deontay Wilder’s ear drain blood, Gokhan Saki painted the right side of Nathan Corbett’s torso after rupturing his eardrum with a left hook landing just behind the ear.

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91. Nate Quarry vs Kalib Starnes – UFC 83: Kalib Starnes’ performance is a classic in the same way that Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” is a classic in the world of film. If you have 15 minutes, watch Starnes score himself three 10-8 rounds before it was easy to do.

90. DeAnna Bennett vs Michelle Ould – Invicta FC 8: The table was tilted toward Bennett the entire first round and a kick to the live gave Michelle Ould about a three second span of false hope before the pain set in.

89. Chase Hooper vs Luis Gomez – Titan FC 55: You may know Chase Hooper from his Contender Series fight that landed him a developmental contract or his debut at UFC 245 but the bout that took him from the developmental contract to The Show was this one round stint in Titan FC. Equipped with a hail mary kick to start things off and a rear-naked choke finish, this fight is everything you could ever expect from “El Sueno.”

88. Miesha Tate vs Julie Kedzie – Strikeforce: Rousey vs Kaufman: Call it discipline, call it toughness, call it whatever you want, Miesha Tate’s ability to take a beating, stick to her gameplan and pull out the win in the 11th hour has made for some all time great bouts in women’s MMA. Stick around for a pretty entertaining final thought in the cage interview following Tate’s win.

87. Nate Marquardt vs Tyron Woodley – Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Kennedy: It was going to take a championship performance from Nate Marquardt to defeat the 10-0 Tyron Woodley and that was exactly what the fans in Portland, Oregon got when the two met for the vacant welterweight title.

86. Livia Renata Souza vs Janaisa Morandin – Invicta FC 25: Despite one judge calling it a 30-27 fight, this Souza and Morandin fought their way to fight of the night honors as the pair went the distance back in 2017.

85. Brandon Melendez vs Andy Wang – TUF 5: One of the highlights of TUF as a whole is one that Andy Wang is lucky has been largely forgotten. BJ Penn screamed at the top of his lungs for ten minutes for Andy Wang to shoot for a takedown which fell on deaf ears. After losing convincingly, Wang laid on the ground crying hysterically and compared his effort to that of a warrior.

84. Sean Brady vs Tajuddin Abdul Hakim – CFFC 72: After cutting his teeth in Cage Fury and LFA for five years, Sean Brady put on a performance worthy of changing his image from “The Face of Cage Fury” to “UFC Welterweight” against Tajuddin Abdul Hakim.


Will Pace and Nick Campuzano throw punches in the Octagon


83. Nick Pace vs Will Campuzano – TUF 12 Finale: Nick Pace didn’t have the longest run in the UFC but his impact will withstand the test of time after creating his own submission in his win over Will Campuzano.

82. Edson Barboza vs Dan Hooker – UFC Milwaukee: If you haven’t seen it since it aired live it’s time to rewatch Edson Barboza put a beating on Dan Hooker so brutal, Daniel Cormier yelled numerous times from the broadcast booth, “We can stop this fight!”

81. Forrest Griffin vs Steve Seyegh – King of the Cage 20: Some of the most barebones broadcasts on UFC FIGHT PASS features a 23-year-old Forrest Griffin beating Steve Seyegh into verbal submission.

80. Jose Johnson vs Rafael Costa – LFA 78: When Jose Johnson landed the elbow heard ‘round the world it was absolutely lights out for Rafael Costa who was hit so hard he received a standing ovation just for being carried out of the cage.

79. Anthony Pettis vs Shane Roller – WEC 50: Chael Sonnen’s favorite WEC fight came at WEC 50 when Anthony Pettis found himself the underdog to wrestling phenom Shane Roller only to go out and out wrestle the title contender.

78. Robbie Lawler vs Aaron Riley – UFC 37: There’s never a wrong time to go back and revisit the days of early Robbie Lawler.

77. Travis Fulton vs Shannon Ritch – M-1 USA: The two most seasoned fighters in the history of MMA finally squared off on UFC FIGHT PASS. Despite hundreds of fights between the two of them, the bout came to a pretty amateur end.

76. Matt Makowski vs Nick Serra – EliteXC Primetime: There’s a certain level of entertainment to a fighter with UFC champion gold in his bloodline refusing to stand up thus forfeiting a fight.

75. Connor Coyle vs Robbie Burwell – Roy Jones Jr. Boxing: Robbie Burwell didn’t pull enough tricks out of his sleeve to win the fight but he brought it to Connor Coyle like nobody expected him to making for a wildly entertaining fight.

74. Nathaniel Wood vs Josh Reed – Cage Warriors 86: Simply put, possibly the best comeback in Cage Warriors history.

73. Edir Terry vs Irwin Rivera – Titan FC 48: Edir Terry landed a leg kick that acted like a liver kick. A couple seconds after the kick echoed the arena, Irwin Rivera slumped down and the fight was called off as Rivera writhed in pain.

72. Sabah Homasi vs Jorge Patino – Titan FC 40: After a prelim-caliber first round, Sabah Homasi punched his ticket to the UFC after a right hand that not only knocked Jorge Patino out cold but had the referee visibly afraid of jumping in between the two men to stop it.

71. Pipe Vargas vs Said Kakhramonov – WXC Warrior Wednesday 1: When most fighters would be gassing out, Pipe Vargas was waiting for the perfect time to unleash the knockout blow. It came in the third round when Vargas landed one of the most impressive strikes of 2019.

70. Dave Leduc vs Seth Baczynski – WLC 9: Let’s see some headbutts! It was the first time a UFC veteran played his hand at lethwei and while Seth Baczynski didn’t leave Myanmar a winner, he showed his toughness and possibly bridged a gap between the UFC and the premiere lethwei organization.

69. Paddy Pimblett vs Johnny Frachey – Cage Warriors 78: It’s hard not to be moved by the emotion that poured out of Paddy Pimblett after watching him knock out Johnny Frachey for his first taste of professional MMA gold right in front of his home crowd.

68. Sittichai Sitsongpeenong vs David Kiria – GLORY 22: Interested in checking out one of the hardest knees to the body in the history of combat sports? We’ve got ya. Fair warning, it’s tough to watch.

Eddie Alvarez throws a kick at Anthony Pettis

67. Eddie Alvarez vs Anthony Pettis – UFC Boston: The fight that nobody thought would go to decision somehow did. Both “Showtime” Pettis and Eddie Alvarez were itching for that 155-pound title like never before. After Pettis’ reign on the top had come to an end and Alvarez was fighting to go from “Underground King” to “Lightweight King,” both men were going to be hard pressed to take a second off in UFC Boston’s co-main.

66. Dominick Cruz vs Joseph Benavidez – WEC 42: Well first off, Steve Mazzagatti is the referee, so you already don’t quite know what to expect. 10-0 Joseph Benavidez had won his first two fights in the WEC and was knocking on the door of a title shot. Problem was he had to get through Dominick Cruz to do it.

65. Jacare Souza vs Bristol Marunde – Strikeforce: Tate vs Rousey: It was a relatively one-sided fight but it’s always fun to go back and watch vintage Jacare.

64. John Gotti III vs David Espino – CES 56: Got time to kill? Watch John Gotti III run through David Espino. The fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll see all the screaming fans for Gotti and surely wonder, “Did David Espino really want to win after seeing that?” “What amount of money would it take for me to fight a Gotti?” and many things down that rabbit hole.

63. Duane Ludwig vs Charles Bennett – KOTC 10: It’s a “Felony” Bennett fight. Enjoy.

62. Charles Bennett vs Eric Moon – KOTC Classic Volume 8: We showed you the quintessential “Felony” loss, now take three and a half minutes to watch the quintessential Charles Bennett win.

61. Urijah Faber vs Ivan Menjivar – UFC 157: A somewhat forgotten gem by Urijah Faber that somehow didn’t earn him submission of the night but earned him submission of the year in 2013.

60. Jason Miller vs Sean Taylor – Superbrawl 31: “Mayhem” Miller and Sean Taylor square off with Jeremy Horn as the referee, a sight to see even if it is one stagnant camera for the duration of the fight.

59. Pat Miletich vs Thomas Denny – Adrenaline MMA 2: Check out the final fight of Pat Miletich’s career. From Davenport, Iowa to UFC champion, it only felt right for Miletich to close out his career back in the Quad Cities.

58. Vitor Belfort vs Terry Martin – Affliction: Banned: A relatively forgotten fight in the long career of Vitor Belfort came at Affliction: Banned when he was pushed all the way to the second fight of the night against Terry Martin. It was business as usual for Vitor as he finished Martin in the second round.

Tatiana Suarez elbows Carla Esparza in the face
Tatiana Suarez elbows Carla Esparza in their women's strawweight fight during the UFC 228 event at American Airlines Center on September 8, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC)

57. Tatiana Suarez vs Carla Esparza – UFC 228: The bar for wrestling in women’s MMA was raised higher than it ever seemed possible when Tatiana Suarez absolutely dismantled the former champion on the ground for 14 minutes and 33 seconds before referee Kerry Hatley had seen enough.

56. Fallon Fox vs Heather Bassett – XFO 50: The incredibly controversial transgender mixed martial artist, Fallon Fox, stole headlines in early 2013 when she came out as a transgender, two fights into her MMA career. Her second to last professional fight, Heather Bassett pushed Fox to the second round but ultimately fell to an armbar.

55. Saenchai vs Eddy Nait – GLORY 31: SuperFight Series: One of the world’s most respected Thai fighters dropped by the United States to take on Eddy Nait at GLORY 31.

54. Bobby Lashley vs Chad Griggs – Strikeforce Houston: Taking a break from the WWE, Bobby Lashley spent two rounds mauling Chad Griggs but a well-timed uppercut cut Lashley open too wide for the doctors to look away.

53. Alex Pereira vs Dustin Jacoby – GLORY 14: It only takes two minutes to see one of the greatest unconscious collapses in kickboxing history.

52. Daniel Vega vs Antonio Marquez – LUX 008: The closest we’ve been to a double knockout in FIGHT PASS history. Daniel Vega and Antonio Marquez showed they’re both UFC ready in this one round war you may have missed.

51. Khalil Rountree vs Muhammed Dereese – TUF 23: When most fighters have their opponent on all fours, they may opt for ground and pound or look to take their back. Khalil Rountree takes a step outside the box, stands up and soccer kicks his opponent in the ribs. What an echo, what a finish.

50. Maycee Barber vs Jamie Colleen – Contender Series: Since she’s sidelined from MMA with the rest of us, let’s take some time to appreciate Maycee Barber’s performance on Dana White’s Contender Series.
49. Luke Rockhold vs David Branch – UFC Pittsburgh: While the performance and finish were impressive, it’s Luke Rockhold’s Octagon interview that’s must-see TV.

48. Charlie Valencia vs Bobby Gamboa – KOTC 11: Charlie Valencia quickly shot in for a takedown, slammed Bobby Gamboa and on impact of the slam, Gamboa’s shoulder popped completely out. Gamboa still managed to get out from under Valencia’s mount and establish guard, unfortunately his shoulder could no longer be ignored and he told referee Herb Dean he couldn’t continue.

47. Kyle Daukaus vs Jonavin Webb – CFFC 72: We’ve all seen Mighty Mouse’s last second submission but how about this submission that wasn’t discovered until the bell had sounded giving Kyle Daukaus a submission at the five-minute mark of the third round?

46. Gilbert Melendez vs Tatsuya Kawajiri – PRIDE FC: Shockwave 2006: After an early, solid punch rattled Gilbert Melendez and a 10% purse deduction seconds later for grabbing the ropes, it would be hard for most fighters to find the will to win. Gilbert Melendez isn’t “most fighters” and Kawajiri found that out the hard way.

45. Rusian Yamanbaev vs Viktor Kichigin – Fight Nigths Global 57: 22-year-old Viktor Kichigin was already a seasoned vet by the time he went to war with Rusian Yamanbaev. Unfortunately for Kichigin his early received experience wasn’t enough to get past Yamanbaev. His face was painted red with his blood and the ref waved off the fight. It’s what happened next that’s the real show. Kichigin’s mom came into the cage and began screaming and slapping him in the face repeatedly for insubordination.

44. Milton Bahia vs Eric Tavares – IVC 5: As raw and old school as it gets. For those who don’t remember, basically nothing was off limits in the IVC. Groin strikes, soccer kicks, stomps, you name it, nobody was safe from it. Eric Tavares was able to put himself through over 8 minutes of IVC punishment before tapping out to 8 straight headbutts.

43. Greg Hardy vs Ray Jones – XFN 352: It was Greg Hardy’s first and only fight outside of the UFC brand. While Ray Jones said all the right things leading up to the fight, Hardy’s power was just way too much for him.

42. Eddie Bravo vs Mark Ashton – ADCC: Let’s take a trip into the BJJ world. While most people know about Eddie Bravo’s BJJ coaching but may have never seen his genius and creativity in action. That’s where we come in.

41.  Ryot Waller vs Chris Camozzi – GLORY 72: It’s hard to call it a “loss” for Chris Camozzi who pushed the action nearly as much as anybody who has ever fought Ryot Waller. Unfortunately for the UFC veteran, the two judges saw the ball bounce Waller’s way.

40. Roy Jones Jr. vs Jeff Lacy – “Hook City”: Oh yeah. We’ve got “Captain Hook” fights.

39. Nate Diaz vs Rob Emerson – TUF 5: A staple on the Mt. Rushmore of TUF fights. Most likely the greatest fight in the history of the show. If you haven’t seen it or haven’t seen it since it aired, it’s time to watch again.

38. Jeff Hougland vs Julian Samaniego – Gladiator Challenge 35: The bjj ace to produced incubated Chase Hooper put his ground game on display with a flawless first round and an armbar finish in the second to close things out.

37. Junior dos Santos vs Mark Hunt – UFC 160: Ever seen somebody get knocked out by the calf muscle? When Junior dos Santos throws wheel kicks anything can happen.

36. Sodiq Yusuff vs Mike Davis – Dana White’s Contender Series: Sodiq made us all feel bad for Mike Davis. As if it wasn’t hard enough to constantly chase down somebody as fast as Yusuff, couple that with the damage that was done to his lead leg. Ouch. If was pretty clear from the beginning Sodiq Yusuff was here to stay.

35. Danny Silva vs Johnny Soto – CFFC 75: The whole card could have  easily gone home after the early card barn burner between Danny Silva and Johnny Soto. It almost looked like two hungry Justin Gaethje’s out there swinging for the fences.

34. Phil Baroni vs Ikuhisa Minowa – PRIDE Bushido 11: Neither man had exactly a groundbreaking presence in the world of MMA but with bell to bell action and a finish by stomps, Baroni and Minows 1 was one of the most underrated fights in PRIDE FC history.

33. Phil Baroni vs Nick Nolte – Titan FC 17: While we’re here, let’s go back to the day Phil Baroni fought a man named Nick Nolte. Not that Nick Nolte. The Nick Nolte from Kansas City with a handful of fights on UFC FIGHT PASS. With the nickname of “The Kansas City Head Case,” they’re definitely cut from the same cloth.

32. Murilo Rua vs Alex Reid – Cage Rage 21: Hopefully you’ve got a strong stomach. A freak leg kick ended the fight before it began. No bones were broken, but when Alex Reid threw a low leg kick the worst part of the bone must have come in heavy contact with the best part of Ninja Rua’s because blood began pouring out like a faucet.

31. Eddie Alvarez vs Ross Ebenez – ShoXC 4: Trump’s Taj Mahal played host to an up and coming Eddie Alvarez doing what he does best all the way back in 2008.

30. Semmy Schilt vs Masakatsu Funaki – Pancrase 1998 Anniversary Show: Semmy Schilt might have more fights on UFC FIGHT PASS so there’s no way he wasn’t making the cut. One of his most exciting finishes came in Pancrase where Funaki ate one too many body punches before calling it a night.

29. Sarah Kaufman vs Valerie Letourneau – TKO 29: After a somewhat uneventful first round, Sarah Kaufman came out swinging for the fences in the second round and landed punches until the ref had had enough.

28. Minoru Suzuki vs Ken Shamrock – Pancrase: Eyes of Beast 4: One of the greatest title fights in Pancrase history was between two of the most decorated legends in the promotion’s history. While it was short lived, fans and fighters alike knew the one round affair was indisputably between the most worthy title challengers in the world.

27. Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott – EliteXC: Street Certified: As far as the history of Kimbo’s career goes, this was the most entertaining matchup possible. EliteXC knew exactly what they were doing when they booked the two most notorious street brawlers of all time to go against each other. The only thing the fans would change would be that the fight was a few years too late.

26. Alistair Overeem vs Vitor Belfort – PRIDE Total Elimination 2005: This fight could have taken place anywhere, with both men fighting for nearly every major promotion it’s a surprise this fight only happened twice. The most exciting of the pair of fights coming at PRIDE Total Elimination 2005. The bout came to a conclusion when Ubereem put Belfort in a guillotine more terrifying than a real guillotine.

25. Marius Zaromskis vs Ross Mason – Cage Rage 22: After two rounds of slugging it out, Ross Mason thought he had seen everything Marius Zaromskis had up his sleeve. When Zaromskis landed a kick to the face that would have dropped lesser men, Mason stood smiling welcoming anything else. Mason next landed a flying knee that sent Mason flopping to the canvas.

24. Jared Cannonier vs Tony Lopez – AFC 104: After watching the walkouts it’s possible that Jared Cannonier is the most popular person to ever walk to the AFC cage. The ring announcer jinxed the action when he asked the crowd if they wanted to see a knockout. What they got instead was a split decision battle that launched Cannonier into the UFC.

23. Herb Dean vs Timothy Mendoza – KOTC 39: Hitmaster: With the hair and the referee outfit you don’t often glance at the ears but if you were to look at the ears of Herb Dean, you’ll notice a little bit of cauliflower to them. He earned it the hard way after a six-year MMA career.

22. Mark Schultz vs Gary Goodridge – UFC 9: Less than four months after the murder of his brother, the subject of the movie “Foxcatcher” stepped into The Octagon and used wrestling to absolutely dominate Gary Goodridge handing him his second MMA loss.

21. Rickson Gracie vs Nobuhiko Takada – PRIDE 1: Rickson Gracie’s career was short-lived but dominant and it’s fights like this one that let us know that there’s only one fight we’re missing on UFC FIGHT PASS. Rickson vs Sakuraba.

20. Kurt Holobaugh vs Yosdenis Cedeno – Titan FC 42: Pushing himself and Yosdenis Cedeno to the limit for over three rounds, Kurt Holobaugh was finally able to finish the fight with a rear-naked choke to earn a title shot with JZ Cavalcante.

19. Michael Johnson vs Tony Ferguson – UFC on Fox: Anything can happen when you step into the Octagon. Michael Johnson proved that when he went stride for stride with one of the most feared ground tacticians in UFC history and bested him in the eyes of all three judges.

18. Joey Pierotti vs Emmanuel Walo – CFFC 74: You can watch the finish 10 times and still be curious as to whether the finishing right hand was deceptively fast or just right on the button.

17. Milton Bahia vs Tulio Palhares – IVC 9: Back to the IVC. Surely something you haven’t seen before. Milton Bahia found himself standing over Tulio Palhares. Did Milton Bahia use this opportunity to kick the legs? No. Mount? No. Milton Bahia headbutted Tulio Palhares so hard in the chest he broke his sternum.

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16. Jim Walker vs Gary Grate – KOTC 18: After getting beaten down badly, Jim Walker caught a break when Gary Grate was subtly headbutting from guard and the fight was stood up. Once the action was stopped the doctor came in and declared Walker unfit to return to action and Gary Grate was disqualified. Looks like Grate blurred the lines between KOTC and IVC.

15. Aleksander Emelianenko vs Sergei Kharitonov – PRIDE Final Conflict Absolute: It was a standup affair until Emelianenko was dropped hard by a right hand. Emelianenko went from being beaten heavily in mount to a TKO victory.

14. Brad Pickett vs Ozzy Haluk – Cage Rage 13: Long before Brad Pickett’s run in the UFC he took a night to take advantage of Cage Rage’s looser ruleset and won the Cage Rage British Title with a flying stomp to Ozzy Haluk.

13. Farkhad Sharipov vs Andrew Whitney – Titan FC 42: After a razor thin fight that went the distance, Andrew Whitney was positive he had done enough for the win. So sure in fact that when he found out he had not won, he threw his fists in frustration, accidentally punching the ring girl in the face. Thankfully she was ok.

12. Mike Perry vs Al Iaquinta – SUG 11: The grappling match between Mike Perry and Al Iaquinta (you read that right) shocked everybody when Mike Perry pushed the match to overtime. Even more people were shocked when Mike Perry won by way of escape time. Yes, Mike Perry defeated a Serra-Longo student in a grappling match.

11. Ricardeau Francois vs Martin Desilets – TKO 24: If you’re Martin Desilets and you’re getting tagged with everything a fighter close to 9 inches taller than you is throwing the least intelligent thing you can do is lose your temper. Or is it? After being smashed the whole first round, Desilets got chippy after the bell rang causing Ricardeau Francois and his corner to retaliate. When they entered the ring looking to riot, the fight was declared a No Contest.

10. Gordon Ryan vs Craig Jones – EBI 14: Grappling fans have probably watched this match so much they have the commentary memorized but for the die-hard MMA purists out there, this championship match is guaranteed to be enough to have your heart rate boosted the entire time.



9. Darren Elkins vs Michael Johnson – UFC St. Louis: After a career defining upset/comeback victory against Mirsad Bektic there’s not way Darren “The Damage” Elkins possibly had what it took to upset Michael Johnson in his hometown, is there?

8. Cung Le vs Scott Smith – Strikeforce: Fedor vs Werdum: Despite coming off of a loss, Cung Le had made a home for himself in Strikeforce. He spent the entire first round of his bounce back fight brutalizing Scott Smith and pulled out all the stops with a spinning kick to the body that followed a spinning kick to the body in the second round that put Scott Smith away.

7. Brian Olsen vs Mike Kyle – WEC: Cinco de Mayhem: Mike Kyle put a stain on what would have most likely been fight of the night. Back and forth action the entirety of the first round came to a screeching halt when Kyle landed the most perfectly placed illegal soccer kick to the face of the downed Brian Olsen. If that wasn’t enough, he poured on strikes with multiple referees pulling him off of an unconscious Brian Olsen. It was the last time Mike Kyle would fight under the WEC banner.

6. Benjamin Adegbuyi vs D’Angelo Marshall – GLORY 71: Chicago: When GLORY brought back to back shows to The Windy City it was some of the most concentrated forms of kickboxing action possible boiled down into two nights. With Anessa Meksen and Tiffany Van Soest headlining night one it was going to be hard to outshine the main event, but Benjamin Adegbuyi and D’Angelo Marshall stepped up to the plate and might have done just that.

UFC Fight Pass: Stephanie Geltmacher vs Liz Tracy Invicta FC 32
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Unlock MORE of your inner combat sports fan with UFC Fight Pass! Fighting is what we live for. And no one brings you MORE live fights, new shows, and events across multiple combat sports from around the world. With a never-ending supply of fighting in every discipline, there’s always something new to watch. Leave it to the world’s authority in MMA to bring you the Ultimate 24/7 platform for MORE combat sports, UFC Fight Pass!

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UFC Fight Pass: Stephanie Geltmacher vs Liz Tracy Invicta FC 32

5. Stephanie Geltmacher vs Liz Tracy – Invicta FC 32: Two UFC-ready prospects put it all out there in the main event, Kaitlin Young returned to Invicta action for the first time in over four years and Julia Avila landed a highlight reel knockout mid-card. It seems pretty obvious why this gem has been buried so deep.

4. Hong-man Choi vs Akebono – K-1 World Grand Prix 2005 in Hawaii: Quite simply put, the freak fight to end all freak fights……. And they fought twice.

3. Urijah Faber vs Jay Valencia – Gladiator Challenge 20: There’s no real back and forth in this 82-second affair but the debut of “The California Kid” is special because even now at 40 years old almost everything from the speed to the heart to the power is all there. Lead us all to the Fountain of Youth, Mr. Faber.

2. Solomon Renfro vs Eugene Aubry - CFFC 77: It was nominee for CFFC fight of the year in 2019 and with good reason. With 5-0 and 3-1 records respectively after the fight, we’re lucky enough to get plenty more from Renfro and Aubry.

1. Christian Lohsen vs Wesley Golden – Island Fights 53: Almost as fun as huge knockouts are rare submissions so when Christian Lohsen locked up a banana split on Wesley Golden in 2019 it was a top five finish on FIGHT PASS for the whole year.

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