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10 Best Walkout Songs in 2014

The Best Walkouts Songs in the UFC in 2014
By: Damon Martin, FOX Sports

"Quite possibly the best moment to sit in an arena during a UFC show is when the lights drop and the crowd goes silent just before a bass thump hits the speakers and a fighter begins his or her walk to the Octagon.
"It happens at least 20 times a night during any UFC card, but the walkout song has transcended just being a top-40 hit playing while a fighter trots to the Octagon. While some fighters still don't seem to care much about what music is played before getting into the cage, many use these final few moments to get the adrenaline pumping and focus their minds ahead of the battle at hand.
"2014 was no exception when it came to great moments for walkouts and walkout songs and without even knowing it, the fighters helped create a soundtrack for the UFC in the past year.
"There were literally hundreds of choices, but when it was all said and done, these were the top 10 walkouts for the UFC in 2014."
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