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The new UFC Glove in Gold and Black

The UFC Official Fight Glove reimagined

In the Octagon where legends rise and history leaves its mark on every canvas, UFC has stood as an undeniable force in the sport of MMA. For over a decade, the iconic UFC Official Fight Glove has been a symbol of this legacy, a constant in a sport known for its seismic shifts and relentless evolution. But as the dynamics of MMA have advanced, so too has the vision for what a fight glove should be.

In response to the sport’s ever-increasing demands for athlete safety and technological advancements, we embarked on a mission. The goal: a transformative redesign of the UFC Official Fight Glove to rise with the sport's trajectory—enhancing protection, empowering performance, and elevating the very fabric of competition.

This new era in UFC history is marked by pioneering improvements: advanced layered foam technology that protects yet yields to the athlete’s intent; ergonomically crafted to reduce injury and to respect the hand's natural dynamics; a refined silhouette crafted from the highest quality materials, specifically chosen for performance and durability to withstand the rigors of combat.

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Unrivaled Protection

Experience the fusion of advanced VICIS RFLX foam layers, meticulously engineered to dissipate impact and shield your hands with every strike.

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Cutting-Edge Flexibility

Embrace the freedom of movement with our revolutionary slip-plane technology, allowing for ergonomic fist formation and superior comfort without resistance

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Custom Contoured Fit

Designed to honor the unique contours of your hands, ensuring a perfect fit that feels custom-made

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Durable by Design

Trust in the longevity of your gloves, constructed with premium materials that will stand the test of time

History of UFC Fight Gloves

  • UFC 1

  • UFC 14

  • UFC 56

  • UFC Fight For The Troops 3

  • UFC 200

  • UFC 205

  • UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs The Korean Zombie

  • UFC Fight Night: Strickland vs Imavov

  • Art Jimmerson


    Art Jimmerson, a world-ranked professional boxer, wears one red boxing glove to take on Royce Gracie in the first UFC event.
  • Kevin Randleman - Boxergenics Glove


    After making their first appearance at UFC 9, Boxergenics gloves are mandated as the standard fight glove in the Octagon at UFC 14.
  • Georges St-Pierre - UFC 58


    MMA gloves produced by Ouano are utilized as the official fight gloves in the Octagon.
  • Jorge Masvidal - UFC Fight for the Troops 3


    Gloves are streamlined to improve performance and safety as Century & Dyaco take turns as producers of official UFC fight gloves. UFC Fight For The Troops 3 is notable for featuring a commemorative camouflage logo design on gloves in the Octagon.
  • UFC 200 Glove


    The landmark UFC 200 event featured gloves adorned with gold UFC logos.
  • Joanna Jedrzejczyk - UFC 205


    In 2016, MMA became legalized in the state of New York. To mark the Octagon's first trip back to the Empire State since 1995, fight gloves featured a Statue of Liberty-inspired motif above the UFC logo.
  • Yair Rodriguez - UFC Fight Night


    A special "UFC 25 Years" logo was used on gloves at UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs The Korean Zombie, commemorating a year-long celebration of 25 Years of UFC.
  • Fight Gloves - 30 Years


    Gloves worn throughout all UFC events in 2023 featured a commemorative "UFC 30 Years" logo.


Glove Story BG FPO

New UFC Gloves Presentation

Watch the live unveiling of the new UFC gloves.