TUF Brasil - Episode 11 Recap

Read on for a recap of the 11th episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil..
After so many battles in the Octagon and the tension outside the TUF Brazil house, a humorous challenge between the coaches Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort opens episode number 11. Using the most popular sport on the planet, football (soccer), to test the leaders of both teams, UFC president Dana White proposes a battle of 10 penalty kicks, with the one to score more goals winning R$45,000, while each person of the winning team would get R$ 2,000.

To help the coaches with tips, two of the finest football players were called - Paulo Henrique Ganso and Marcos, a five-time world champion. White joked with Wanderlei, expecting a little more from the former PRIDE champion, who used to strike with the best “soccer kicks” during his reign in Japan, but he didn’t show the same ability in the field. Belfort though, who already had a history with football, had everything to open a wide advantage against his adversary.

But Vitor started with a bad penalty kick and missed. Wand also couldn’t score on his first attempt. Both alternated good and bad moments, but in the end, the former light heavyweight champion of the UFC was victorious by a score of 7-5, making the green team very happy, specially Gasparzinho, who raised Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer in the air in celebration.

After the challenge, it was time for the determination of the first finalist in the middleweight category, a battle between Daniel Sarafian and Sergio Moraes. In breaking down the bout, it is possible that Sarafian won’t accept a fight on the ground, while Serginho will be looking for that at all times. And considering the pre-fight comments from both sides, that possibility was getting clearer by the moment.

Welterweight Demian Maia visited the training center on this episode. A training partner of Sarafian outside the house and a personal friend of Wanderlei, Maia used the green shirt and the leader of the blue team asked him why, so the former challenger to the belt explained it was due to his relationship with Sarafian.

Serginho Moraes (Team Wanderlei) vs Daniel Sarafian (Team Vitor)

At the beginning of the fight, Serginho showed that he would try to take the fight to the ground, but he surprised everyone with some right kicks and a right hand. After that, Sarafian opened himself too much and was taken down, but he fought to stay close to the fence to get back up and leave no room for Serginho to work his jiu-jitsu. Both clinched against the fence, and without much action, the referee told them to stand up. Two perfect front kicks in Serginho’s face were the beginning of the end. He tried the takedown, but with no strength left, he didn’t succeed. After that, Sarafian waited for the right time to apply a beautiful flying knee that took Serginho down, and after two more punches, the referee halted the fight. It was a big win for the emotional Sarafian, who could not hold back the tears trying to console his opponent.

“Man, by the time I felt I was in the final. I don’t know what to tell you, man. It’s a feeling of relief because I was very tense”, said Sarafian, the first finalist of the middleweight division. “I knew the danger of fighting him. Serginho is a great athlete, a three time jiu-jitsu champion. I’m very happy, very relieved. I dedicate myself a lot, and I try hard in everything I do. I work for that 24 hours a day in my head.”

A cry of happiness for the victory on one side, and a cry for the defeat on the other, but back in the house, it was time for a little joy in the group. Beer, singing and pool playing were going on, with a few fighters trying to enjoy the most of the moment.

In the training center, Rony Jason and Hugo Wolverine are in the preparation for the second semifinal of the featherweight class, and the expectations are around not just this fight, but also about trying not to think of Pepey, who is already in the final.

Later, what started as a joke from Vitor between a crew member and Gasparzinho almost turns into trouble after that. The joker of the house has a phobia of being tied, and a few members didn’t hesitate on testing his patience. Rodrigo Damm paid the price for that, and suffered the “rage” of his disaffection in the house, as he never in the mood for jokes, but was the first to get the tape to tie Gasparzinho down. But after a broken door here and a trash can thrown there by Gasparzinho, everything seems to get back to normal.  

Friday, June 1
Utica, New York


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