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TUF 18 Finale headliner Nate Diaz took a three-fight winning streak into the Octagon against Kurt Pellegrino. Diaz out-struck Pellegrino early, and then forced the wrestler to the ground before locking in this emphatic triangle choke.
Submission of the Week: Diaz vs. Pellegrino
Nov 20, 2013 1:45
A look back at the most successful knockout artists in the first 20 years of the UFC.
UFC 20: Most Knockouts
Nov 21, 2013
Nate Diaz uses a guillotine choke to become the first fighter to finish Jim Miller.
MetroPCS Move of the Week: Nate Diaz
Nov 21, 2013
FOX' signature Phantom Cam captures all the unbelievable action of UFC 167 in super-slow motion.
UFC 167: Phantom Cam Highlights
Nov 21, 2013 2:45
Anthony Gutierrez and Josh Hill bring some levity to the house and give Jessamyn Duke a special surprise for her birthday
TUF 18: Jessamyn's Birthday Surprise
Nov 21, 2013 1;08
TUF 18 coaches face off in a rock climbing coaches challenge with $10K at stake for them and $1,500 each for their team members.
TUF 18: Coaches Challenge
Nov 21, 2013 4:50
Despite a free pass into the finals, Anthony Gutierrez failed to make weight for his bout against David Grant, squandering an opportunity to fight in the finale. Manny Gamburyan lets the young fighter know how big of a mistake he made.
TUF 18: Manny Gamburyan Lectures Anthony Gutierrez
Nov 21, 2013 2;14
Joseph Benavidez details the precision involved in executing the moves that have earned him the number-one contender position in the flyweight division.
Signature Moves: Joseph Benavidez
Nov 20, 2013
UFC fighters -- including Frankie Edgar, Forrest Griffin, and Frank Mir -- and staff volunteer to pack food boxes at the Three Square food bank. "Everybody in life has had help from somebody, and without that connection, we all fail." said Mir.
UFC 167: Fighters and Staff Volunteer at Food Bank
Nov 21, 2013 1:00
What's worse than being on the receiving end of a big left from UFC heavyweight Pat Barry? Eating the follow-up right.
KO of the Week: Barry vs. Del Rosario
Nov 19, 2013 1:30
Megan Olivi caught up with Johny Hendricks back stage after his close bout with welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and issues a warning to everyone else in the division.
UFC 167: Johny Hendricks Post Fight Interview
Nov 17, 2013
UFC president Dana White speaks candidly with media members about the fallout from UFC 167's title fight, Pettis, Jones, Kos and more.
UFC 167: Dana White Media Scrum
Nov 17, 2013
UFC president Dana White calls for some judging reform, while Georges St-Pierre, Robbie Lawler and Chael Sonnen talk about their UFC 167 fights.
UFC 167: Post-Fight Presser Highlights
Nov 17, 2013
Watch the replay from UFC 167, which celebrated 20 years of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
UFC 167: Watch the Replay
Nov 18, 2013 1:00
Actor Jeremy Piven catches up with UFC correspondent Megan Olivi to review UFC 167 and how the sport has evolved since the days of Chuck Liddell.
UFC 167: Jeremy Piven Interview
Nov 16, 2013
Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino checks in with Megan Olivi to review UFC 167 and what the UFC meant to him as a kid.
UFC 167: Shane Victorino Interview
Nov 16, 2013 3:14
Items 4929-4944 of 10905