Pietro Menga - Official UFC® Profile
13-0-0( W-L-D )
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Record: 13-0-0
Summary: Fight intelligence, fight IQ

Fighter Info

Nickname: The Italian Stallion
From: Salford, Manchester England
Fights Out Of: Manchester England
Age: 29
Height: 5' 7" ( 170 cm )
Weight: 125 lb ( 56 kg )
Reach 68"
Leg Reach 36"


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TRAINING: I train my MMA in the morning before working on technical areas or strength and conditioning in the evenings. 
Thoughts on opponent, Tim Elliott? Tim is a great opponent and presents a massive opportunity to announce my presence in the division in my first fight. I respect him but on fight night I will be coming to put him to sleep.
When and why did you start training for fighting? I started Muay Thai at age six, then went on to wrestling before judo and finally BJJ. Once I was well rounded in all areas I made my MMA debut. I fell in love with martial arts from a young age watching Jean-Claude Van Damme and Bruce Lee films.
What ranks and titles have you held? British and European two-weight division MMA champion in FCC & UCC.
Do you have any heroes? I admire Frankie Edgar, Giorgio Petrosyan & Aaron Aby as fighters.
What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC? It is a dream come true, but at the same time, this is just the beginning.
What was your job before you started fighting? School, then on to gym work in and around MMA gyms and fitness centres.
Specific accomplishments in amateur competition? Multiple national & European BJJ gi & no-gi champion.
Specific accomplishments in pro competition? 17 pro Muay Thai fights.
Favorite grappling technique: Kimura
Favorite Striking technique: Right hook
• Pro since 2011

• Four wins by KO, seven by submission (3 RNC, arm triangle, armbar, 2 guillotine)

• Eight first round finishes

• Four wins in less than a minute

• Had 4-1 amateur record

• Origin of nickname – “I’m of Italian descent.”


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